History of the Society

Founder of JMJ Society

Our Founder Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff was born on March 6, 1779 at Diekirch in Luxemburg to Mathias Wolff & Anna Maria Zenner. He was Christened Mathias after the name of Apostle Mathias. His parents brought him up with the principle “Severity when necessary and goodness when possible”. Piety, industry and thrift were a precious ” heirloom” handed down from father to son. From his early childhood he accompanied his father to attend daily mass and wished to be a Jesuit Priest. In 1790 little Mathias joined the Latin School in Luxumberg, where he completed with the following words, as a testimony of his character.

“Excellence in deligence and virtue. Continue as you have begun”.

The desire of Mathias to become a Jesuit was at stake as the Society of Jesus was supressed by Pope Clement XIV in 1773. So he joined the Diocese and was ordained as a priest on April 25, 1802 and devoted his life to the care of souls in different parishes, viz, Derenbach, Useldingen, Diekirck, Dudelingen, and as a professor in the minor seminary of Metz.

On August 7,1814 Pope Pius VII revived the Society of Jesus. Then he entered the Jesuit novitiate on February 13, 1815, made his first vows on June 7, 1816 and started his first apostolic activity at Culemborg in Nederlands. As it was the time of French Revolution, the Catholics were oppressed and education was denied to them. As they were poor only a few could send their children abroad to catholic boarding schools. Fr.Mathias was stirred to act upon to improve the plight of the poor. So he founded the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph in 1822 in Amersfoort-Nederlands, for the education of girls which was also known as “Pedagogie Chretinne” (Christian Education).

He spent his life as a parish priest reviving the faith of the people by preaching sermons, hearing confessions, directing retreats, guiding the sisters of the congregation founded by him and working for the conversion of sinners. We can sum up his life in his own words, ” Always ready for souls” and “I want to labour as a Giant”. He laboured for the greater honour and glory of God and breathed his last on October 31, 1857 at the age of 78. He was burried on November 3, in Culemberg and on December 21, 1979 his mortal remains were transfered to the Cemetery of the Dutch Province in Hweeswijk.

Founder’s Prayer

Change me into thyself dear Lord,
That I may live in Thee and for Thee alone.
May my happiness on earth consist in fulfilling Thy Holy Will, Amen.


Foundress of JMJ Education Ministry in India

Sr.Stanislaus Swamikannu Pillai who hailed from Chennai in India responded to the call of God through the Society of JMJ and became the foundress of JMJ Education Ministry in India. She was the first Indian to be admitted to the Soc. of JMJ. This initiative of Sr.Stanislaus Swamikannu spread in our homeland with far reaching results.


The Society of Jesus Mary and Joseph is one of the international congregations in the Catholic Church.The Society was founded by Rev. Fr. Mathias Wolff S J in 1822 in Luxumburg, Holland for the cause of furthering education of women. The Indian Province was established in 1904 in Guntur. Later, It was divided into three independent provinces – Guntur, Hyderabad & Bangalore – in 1987 with their head quarters situated at Mangalagiri, Hyderabad, & Bangalore respectively. Hyderabad province was further bi-furcated into two provinces – Hyderabad & Raipur in 2009 for administrative convenience.

St Joseph’s College for Women, Kurnool-2 is one of the colleges under the Management of the Society of Jesus Mary Joseph, Hyderabad Province. The Province has its head quarters in hyderabad.

The Society was registered under the Society’s Registration Act XXI of 1860.