As per the orders of DVEO the Josephites had vanamahoschavam on 17th  July 2015.Fr.Bhaskar the pastoral center Director was the Chief Guest of the programme.He enlightened the staff and students about the importance of greenery.So the staff and students planted hundred plants in the campus.

On 2nd  October 2015 being a non-violence day declared by UNO there was a peace march by the degree students to promote unity and harmony.

On 21st November 2015, 15 cadets of NCC  along with Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi. Lt. Col. Sanjeevi Kumar Singh and three PI staff visited Sri Matha Annapurneswari Old Age Home, Kurnool and orphanage home at Joharapuram on the occasion of 67th NCC Day celebrations.

Our students went on a Rally to the Collectorate on 25th November 2015 under the “Vanamahotsavam Programme”

On 01st December 2015, 50 cadets of NCC took rally from Collectorate to ZP Hall as it was the day of World’s Aids Day. On the same day Degree students visited along with the Lecturers Shanthinikethan Care and Support  Centre. They performed a beautiful cultural programme and conducted games for the patients and entertained them. The staff and students collected some amount of rupees and handed over to Sr.Martin for the needs of the patients.

Our students participated in Swatcha Bharath and clean and green programme in the college campus in  month of July, September and November 2015.


Physical education provides for the development of the total personality of the student to its fullness and perfection in body, mind and spirit. A variety of games and sports are  organized in our college and they serve an excellent means of physical exercise, keeping the body healthy and fit. We have an able Physical Directress who gives regular training and coaching to the students in all games and sports. Every year the students participate in inter-collegiate tournaments and bring much glory to the institution. Sports like handball, discus throw, running race, long jump, shot-put and indoor games like caroms and chess are also conducted and the winners were awarded with prizes on Republic Day.

Three of our students from Arts section were selected for Kabadi at national level. Kum.Jaya Lakshmi from third year degree was selected for Prior to the Republic Day Camp (PRDC) and went to Hyderabad. On 10th September 2015 three of our Intermediate students participated, State level Football competitions and they got third place. A.Jyothi from Jr.BiPC is selected for National level Football competitions and participated  on 8th February 2016 in Tamilnadu.

1st   belt grading test was conducted on 10th August 2015 and  66 students participated. Out of 66, 35 students received orange belt  and 31 students  green belt. On 4th Oct 2015, 50 of our Karate students participated in Karate tournments in T.G.Venkatesh Indoor stadium and they were presented with cups and shields

On 11th October 2015, 105 students participated in Universal District Level Budokan Karate Championship. Out of 105, 45 students secured 1st place, 34 students secured 2nd place and 26 students secured 3rd palce.

2nd  Belt grading  test was conducted on 09th November 2015 and 40 students participated, 38 members received  Blue belt and 2 members  orange belt.

From 26th to 29th November 2015, Senior State Level Wushu Competitions were held at Vijayanagaram and 8 students participated, out of them 4 students secured 1st  place(Gold), 01 student secured 2nd place(Silver) and  3 students secured 3rd place(Bronze)

On 3rd January 2016 our Karate students participated in Taruni Sammelanam Karate event  held at Kurnool.

On 7th January 2016, 46 students participated in Third Belt grading  Test in Karate. Out of 46, 5 students have secured “Black Belt” and 41 students secured “Brown Belt”.

On 15th March 2016, Black Belt Test was held for 42 students.


NCC has started in the year 1996 bearing the Platoon No: 59 A B C & D platoons under the Command & Control of 9 (A) Girls Battalion N C C Kurnool.
N C C Cadet Welfare Society & Sahara Company Scholarships are availabe for cadets who excel in accademics among three disticts i.,e Kurnool, Mahaboob Nagar, & Anantapur

From 8th to 17th August 2015 at Ananthapur , 21 NCC cadets participated in NCC camp. Among them 4 cadets received Gold medals and selected for Kabadi at National level.15 cadets from 28th August to 6th September 2015 at Ananthapur, 4 cadets from 7th to 16th September 2015 at Ananthapur, 3 cadets from 25th September to 4th October 2015 at Tirupathi,3 cadets from 6th to 15th October 2015 at Delhi, 15 cadets from 11th to 20th October at Ananthapur, 1 cadet from 25th October to 3rd November 2015 at Ananthapur, 1 cadet from 4th to 13th November 2015 at Secunderabad participated. By participating in these camps students learn discipline, commitment, firing, drill, tolerance   corporate living and improve their  leadership qualities.




Students can enjoy a number of physical rewards with karate classes including strengthening and toning core muscles. It’s the ultimate physical workout. In addition, martial arts can help a woman with self-confidence in the world around her. The world can be a scary place at times and it’s important for a woman to know that she will be able to defend herself when the need arises. Learning Martial Arts can provide women with these skills so that they are always prepared for what may come at them.


Sports and games facilities are offered to every student of the college to develop her potential abilities and qualities of sportsmanship.



            Co-curricular activities form an integral part of the educational system and hence along with the circular subjects they are given due importance. The students are given ample opportunities to channelize their energies and to develop their artistic skills and talents. The Management, Staff & students cheered  the cultural week conducted from 9th to 13th November 2015. A variety of competitions like rangoli, mehendi, hair braiding, mimicry, music, fancy dress, Miss St.Joseph’s ,skit, dance, drawing, painting, cartooning, essay writing, creative writing, JAM, quiz, debate, elocution,Flower show etc., were conducted to bring out their hidden talents and give space to their creative imagination. The winners were awarded prizes on the Republic Day


The spiritual moral and value education occupies an important role in our education. It serves as the basic for the formation of character. To achieve this goal due emphasis is laid on regular moral instruction, conducting of assembly with prayer and inspiring thought by principal, lecturers and students in order to instill a deep sense of high thinking, noble living and to be broaden the horizon of their minds and attitudes. We have also a committee of lecturers who counsel the students regularly. Principal instructs the students once in a month and as per the need. Also the students put up every day inspirational quotes on the notice board so as to inspire all, to lead a moral and exemplary life.

The catholic students in particular are provided many opportunities like daily mass, annual retreat, catechism classes, confessions etc., for deepening their Christian faith and for sound spiritual development. There was a spiritual ethical seminar for catholic students both the hostlers and the day scholars on 12th September 2015. Rev.Fr.Bhaskar was the resource person. Father gave awareness on child marriages by casting a movie. He made the students to alert to the law of the church regarding second marriage when the wife is alive. He also asked the students to be capable of resisting such acts if done in the community. A retreat was arranged for the Catholic Students from 13th to 15th November 2015. On 9th February 2016 Sr.Chantal was invited to  give a talk on “Vocation Promotion” for all Catholic students.

On 24 Feb 2016 – A thanksgiving prayer was conducted for all the staff and students of the college, to thank and praise GOD for His abundant blessings and guidance all through the academic year and for having brought us successfully to the Public/University examinations.

On 27 Feb 2016 – A thanksgiving Mass was organized for all the blessings showered upon the institution, on  the college Management, staff and students. A special blessing-prayer was offered particularly for the students as they were going to take IPE & University examinations. Fr.Augustine from Premagiri Divine Ashram has prayerfully lead the proceedings




Inaugural Day : St. Josephs Jr & Degree College for Women celebrated  with pomp and show, its 46th  College  Student  Union  Inaugural   Function on 13th August 2015.The gaiety was doubled with the college band procession and tom toms of the students in the red carpeting to welcome  Prof. M. Jayaraj, Registrar, Rayalaseema University who  was the Chief Guest of the function. The sunny morning became brighter with the radiance of the students.

The college elected leaders  officially took over their charge in the presence of Prof.Jayaraj, while the principal Dr.Sr.Vijaya administered the Oath of fidelity, to hold high the prestige and the dignity of the Institution.The  cultural program was the highlight of the function. The Chief Guest addressed the gathering on empowerment of women and was felicitated with a shawl  and gift  by the management

Independence Day: The August occation became vibrant with the morning chirpings of birds, symbolising freedom in the peaceful campus of St. Joseph’s, on the 69th Independence Day.This was celebrated in the college campus with serenity and austerity. As the students left for home sick holidays only the staff of the college and campus were in attendance. The speciality of this county’s 69th Independence in the college at J M J nagar was that Mr.Krishnamurthy , the college watchman hoisted the flag. It is an unique and a singled out event  that Sr. Vijaya wanted to show that every person from president to cheprasi is equals  as an Indian citizen in the eyes of Independent India. Later  Sr. Vijaya delivered the Day’s message, highlighting the sacrifice made by the freedom fighters with a bloodless revolution. Later with sharing of toffees by the management, the short and sweet Independence Day program came to a close


Teacher’s Day : On 4th September  games were conducted to the staff by the students followed by the Teacher’s day on 5th September 2015. As we all know that it is the birthday of Dr.Sarvepally Radhakrishnan the cherished President of Independent India,and the death day of Mother Theresa their portraits were  honoured and floral tribute were given by the chief guest Prof.Dr.Y.Narasimhulu the Vice-Chancellor of Rayalaseema University, the staff  and sisters. All the teachers vowed to themselves to render better services and be role models to the students. Prof. Dr.Y Narasimhulu has  emphasized on the importance of computers & their application, the placement opportunities it is providing to the students. It was an apt talk to the aspiring students. A colourful cultural programme was arranged by the students and this enabled a healthy interaction between teachers and students. Above all the celebration reflected that the students care for their teachers. Gifts to all the teaching and non-teaching staff, prizes for all the winners in the games were followed as the order of the day. The management served high tea to all the staff.

Founders Day:  To thank and praise the Almighty for the Founder of the Society of JMJ, a 5-day Novina was conducted in the assembly from 26th – 30th October followed by the celebration of Fr.Mathias Wolff’s heavenly birthday on 31st October. It was a time of devotion and blessing.   

31st October was a  special day to commemorate the great missionary and our founder Rev.Fr. Mathias Wolff. On this auspicious day, the portraits of Fr.Mathias Wolff and Dr.Sr. Mary  Glowery  were garlanded , candles were lighted and the floral tribute was given by sisters and the Staff. Prayer service was conducted by Sr.Vijaya in the college. Later a Holy Mass was celebrated in the chapel followed by delicious lunch.

Diwali: On 11th November Diwali day  there was  a grand celebration in the hostel. Sr.Vijaya Sure started the programme with an inter-religious prayer. The students exhibited their talent by drawing an India Map tricoloured and Ashoka’s wheel in the middle by using rice grain in colour-mix. The border was lighted with 108 candles by different religion students and sisters…It was a spectacular sight to look upon .Later all the sisters & students had  SAHAPANKTHI BHOJANAM in the hostel. It was a remarkable day to all of us. Students were very much impressed specially by the  inter-religious prayer & the family spirit.

Mini Christamas: “Good news to all men on earth …glad tidings of great joy”.On 23rd December  Mini Christmas was celebrated graciously  in the college. Joy was enhanced with the enactment of Christmas Play . Rev. Fr. Bhaskar delivered Christmas Message on the significance of God’s love through the incarnation of JESUS CHRIST on earth. A grand tea party was arranged by the management for the teaching and the non-teaching staff .Cakes were distributed to all the students. The Management ushered the New Year with a fellowship lunch to the staff , and the staff  in return expressed their gratitude.


Republic Day: Republic day was celebrated in the college  on 26th January 2016 with much integrity and adoration towards the Nation. Mr.K.C Kalkura ,a noted social worker, advocate and President of Dist. Library Association, was invited to hoist the flag. The students gave astounding performances. The chief guest delivered an inspiring message to the audience and the programme ended with the distribution of sweets to the students and staff. Proficiency prizes and cash awards were given away who excelled in the academics.


Farewel : Farewel was arranged on 12th Feb 2016 amidst joy and tears. The final year degree students were given a grand farewell by the first and second degree students. The juniors joined their hands in entertaining with their invigorating performances. 


Sr.Celine  and Sr. Rajamma came for canonical visitation on 21st July 2015 and we had a staff meeting on 22nd July 2015.On 21st January 2016 Srs. Celine and Rajamma visited the college with one foreign guest along with Fr.Chinnapa Reddy.


Mournful Events of the Year:

The great scientist of India Mr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam died on 27th July 2015. A mourning day was observed on his demise.  Mrs.Shulamitte’s brother died on 8th November 2015 and Sr.Vijaya’s mother died on 11th December 2015. May their souls rest in peace.


PICNICS AND TOURS: Picnics and tours offer relief from the stress and strain of the daily routine. They provide recreation and enlightenment. Besides they have an educative value which cannot be ignored. Children learn discipline, equality, understanding and tolerance. So for the benefit of students and staff, tours and picnics are part of the educational curriculum in our college. A picnic was arranged to the Intermediate students on 26th September and 27th September  2015 to Hampi, Vijayanagaram, Yaganti, Smuruthivanam..Degree students went on a study tour from 22nd to 30th November 2015 to Delhi, Agra, Madhurabrindavan and Jaipur. They were very much excited by seeing the historical monuments and it created in them lot of appreciation and admiration and respect towards Indiaan heritage and culture.They enjoyed and felt proud to be Indians. It brought among the students the unity and more relationship is built among students and staff.