The Management is blessed with renowned and dedicated staff who are fully conscious of their responsibilities in building up a Progressive Nation. The total number of teaching staff in the intermediate section are 26 and Non-teaching staff 10. Degree section teaching staff are 10, part-time Lecturers 03 and non-teaching  05 and  One Physical Directress. Once a month the Principal holds a Staff meeting to critically analyse curricular and co-curricular activities and exchange views for the improvement. The staff regularly attend Seminars arrange by the University and the Intermediate Board.

Intermediate Staff :

Degree Staff :

PG Staff :

1. Dr. Paul Fathima Mary – M.Com
Lecturer in Commerce

2. Mrs. P. Maheswaramma – M.Com
Lecturer in Commerce

3. Ms. Swapna – M.Sc., B.Ed.
Lecturer in Computers

4. Ms. Manjula Kumari – M.Com., M.Phil
Lecturer in Commerce

5. Maria Sudha – M.B.A (SET)
Lecturer in Management