On 25th  July  2015 Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi the in-charge of NCC Unit took awareness class to all freshers regarding NCC and its usefulness.She attended NCC Camp from 28th Aug -6th sep and 11th -24th  Oct 2015.

On 12th August 2015 Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi attended Principal’s meet in RIO’s Office , Kurnool.

Mrs.Chinnamma, JL in Zoology attended a seminar from 14th to 16th September 2015 at Tirupathi regarding the subject orientation.Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi, JL in Chemistry attended a seminar from 28th to 30th September 2015 at Tirupathi regarding the subject orientation.On 6th November 2015 Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi attended ANO’s conference in NCC office at Kurnool.

Mrs.D.Sunitha, Lect in Zoology, Mrs.Shulamitte, Lect. in Chemistry and Mrs.Sailaja, Lect. in Botany attended public pratical orientation programme  at RIO’s Office on 19th January.

Sr.Vijaya attended education meeting at Provincialate, Hyderabad on 11th January  & 6th March 2016.

On 19th January 2016 Mrs. Venkata Lakshmi attended NCC meeting at Kurnool.On 21st January 2016 Mrs.Venkata Lakshmi attended a meeting at RIO’s Office regarding jumbling system in the pratical examinations.On 25th  January 2016 , 8 of our Lecturers attended the official meeting at the district collector’s office followed by rally on the occasion of National Voters Day  to bring awareness and importance of franchize. On 19th February 2016 Mrs.Jyoshna, Lect. in Telugu was sent  to give a talk on the occasion of “Mathrubasha Dinosthavam” to Montissory school  kurnool.