Student Seminars

An Ever thirsty Zeal of  Josephites at J M J nagar,  Kurnool is looking for fresh flow of skill knowledge, when  a Seminar was conducted in the college on 11th July 2015 on motivation skills and the Personality Development .It was meant for both the lecturers and the students. While the staff had forenoon session, the students were engaged in the noon. The talk was inspiring. It was resourced by Sri. K. Subba Reddy Garu , who had a through background of various psychological skills demanded of both teacher and taught. As an experienced correspondent  he   knows the stress and strain factor of all age groups. He talked of the patience, productivity, preparation,dress code, postures and presentation needed of a teacher. Each lecturer and student was equally inspired by talented and  stuffy talk of the resource person.

On 25th July and 01st August 2015,  NCC Officer Mr.Ghouse Baig came to our college and gave orientation programme about the  importance of NCC  to all the new cadets.

Yoga classes were arranged from 5th to 14th August 2015  to the hostel students. Mr.Upendra Goud with his 10  member team was invited. The students were in fresh state of mind all through the week as they attended and learnt in the yoga classes. The concentration and meditation with discipline was the key note of Mr. Upendra Goud and it went well into the minds of the students.  With various typical mentalities from different family backgrounds in rural area, concentration is a ‘must’ for the students of the college,with more than 90% being hostelites. These classes , hopefully, will be of great advantage to our students.

Ramakrishna Mission conducted an essay writing on 28h August 2015 to all the junior college students  in Kurnool town on the topic “The mind is not a vessel to be filled in but a fire to be kindled” in both English and Telugu language. Our  students won first and second prize in both the languages. On 26th September 2015, two of our Intermediate students participated in essay writing on “Gandhiji’s role in Freedom Fight” at Montissori High School on the Occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi and they were awareded with prizes.

“Gandhi  Jayanthi” : The birth of one of the greatest leaders of India, who influenced the world with weapon of Ahimsa.In connection with this the UNO declared October 2nd as the   International  Day of Non-violence.

The Rayalaseema University asked the college  to organize week-long activities from 29th Sep to 3rd Oct 2015. So,  the college conducted Essay writing, Elocution, Quiz, Drawing & Painting, Slogan writing, creative writing,Seminar, Singing etc;  Students  enthusiastically participated in each of the competitions and exhibited their talents,  love and respect for the great leader  of Non-violence  Mahatma Gandhi..Prizes were distributed to the winners by the management on our founders day.

The celebration  of Gandhi Jayanthi was closed a day after Gandhi Jayanthi. “Non-violence”  was the word in every mind. So, to brought about the importance of non-violence in the present day world, Rev.Fr.Jayaraj was invited on 3rd October 2015 to give his valuable talk. Further showed many clippings and explained on the slides. He talked about world leaders like Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King who favoured non-violence to achieve their goal for democratic lives. Our Lecturers have to take initiative in educating the future young India in this path.

Psychological Suicidal Tendencies is a  subject that demands attention among the teenagers. Our college is colourful with such young students. RIO has directed to arrange a  talk in the college. In this connection, Dr.Bramha Reddy, a noted Medical doctor cum Social Reformer was invited on 7th October 2015. His talk was effective and the students were carried away by the practicality of the talk.

It is the need of the hour  that the rights of a child be made known. In this regard, some lawyers belonging to the “Child Rights  forum” visited our college on 9th October 2015 and briefed up the students on the rights of a child in Indian and global society

“Children’s Day” is celebrated all over the country on 14th November , the Birthday of country’s first PM Jawaharlal Nehru. On 13th Novembe  Mr.A.Ravi Krishna, the Superintendent of Police was invited to the college as  the  chief guest. In his talk he encouraged the girls and boosted their morale. The students were distributed five star chocolates contributed by the staff.

On 23rd November2015  Samuel George group of Institutions of Kurnool & Markapuram   conducted a meeting. An answer prepared for students with Mathematics background and as subject in their group combination. Many students were encouraged by their talk when they announced free education to the meritorious students.

On 22nd December 2015, six intermediate students participated state level quiz competitions at Shanthiram Engineering College, Nandyal. They were awarded with cash prize and certificates.

It was a day of two events. One on the academic side and the other was the co-curriculam. A workshop was conducted by Dr.Ms.Prathima Roy on “Soft Skills for Career Development “ in the college on 7th January 2016. It was found to be very fruitful to the staff and students. This was found when the feedback was given. The same day 46 students participated in  the Belt Grading Test. Out of these 5 secured “Black Belts”  41  Brown Belts & Blue belts.

Dr.Uma Maheswar Rao the correspondent of Kurnool Degree College  extended lecturers for final year  B.Com degree students several times in the year.

On 23rd February 2016 a team of people came from Ramakrishna Mission and   gave a  talk and some exercises how to get rid of tensions  , worries and  to  prepare for their examinations with relaxed mind.